China Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery ›› 2018, Vol. 16 ›› Issue (3): 259-262.doi: 10.19438/j.cjoms.2018.03.013

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Clinical classification of extraction difficulty for embedded multiple teeth in 178 children

SHEN Yan, SHI Yu,ZHOU Jian-guo, SHEN Hai-ping.   

  1. Concord Dental Clinic of Jiaxing City. Jiaxing 314000, Zhejiang Province, China
  • Received:2018-01-29 Revised:2018-03-12 Online:2018-05-20 Published:2018-06-12

Abstract: PURPOSE: To investigate the clinical classification of extration difficulty for embedded multiple teeth in children(EMTC). METHODS: Two hundred and fifty teeth of 178 children with embedded multiple teeth were examined by cone-beam CT(CBCT). According to the relationship between adjacent embedded multiple teeth and permanent teeth, they were divided into 3 types. Type I:embedded multiple teeth located on the crown of permanent teeth; type Ⅱ: embedded multiple teeth located to the body of permanent teeth; type Ⅲ: embedded multiple teeth located to the root apex of the permanent teeth. The embedded multiple teeth were further divided into 2 classes. Class A: the angle of malformation was<90° with the axis of the crown and root, and the tooth was of straight deformity. Class B: the malformation angle was >90° with the crown-root axis, and the tooth was hook-shaped. The embedded multiple teeth were extracted accordingly based on the different type and class. RESULTS: :One hundred and seventy-six teeth belonging to type Ⅰ, type Ⅱand class A were removed immediately when the adjacent permanent teeth were not fully developed. Twelve teeth belonging to type Ⅱ, class A, and 62 teeth belonging to type Ⅲ and class B were removed secondly when the adjacent permanent teeth were fully developed. All 250 teeth were removed without damage to the adjacent permanent teeth. CONCLUSIONS: This classification based on teeth morphology is of certain clinical usefulness in predicating extraction difficulty and guidance of operation.

Key words: Children Embedded multiple teeth;Extration difficulty, Classification

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